Our Story

A discarded armoire on a New York City sidewalk planted a seed and sparked a passion – how could a beautiful piece of well-crafted furniture be sent off to landfill when, with a simple facelift, it could live to tell many more chapters in its surely storied history? We fell deeply in love with the thrill of a great find followed by the magic of a ‘before and after.’ Yet, too often the thrill of the transformation was overshadowed by the arduous process that came with it -- there was nothing easy about it.

Armed with an intimate understanding of the problem and the passion, knowledge and background to design a better process, we set out to reinvent the experience of revitalizing furniture. Revitaliste was born. We believe that if revitalizing is easier and more accessible, consumers will buy new less often, and invest in existing furnishings to create one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story and reflect one’s own personal style.

From its inception in 2015, Revitaliste has transformed the process of revitalizing furnishings into an easy, accessible and transparent experience. Having grown into a thriving business in the San Francisco Bay Area, Revitaliste expanded to Los Angeles at the end of 2018, and launched an innovative online textile library with over 5000 fabrics from 120 textile designers from around the world to provide our clients with a discovery tool to find inspiration and explore special patterned textiles for their revitalization projects.

Revitaliste, and our founder Amy Frederickson, have been featured on Lonny.com, Forbes.com, SF Girl by Bay and many other design blogs, and have served as a partner at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase since 2016.

Revitaliste is a one-stop destination to revitalize antique, vintage and pre-owned furnishings into one-of-a-kind treasures for retail clients and design professionals. We combine old-world, quality craftsmanship with convenient online tools to take the effort out of tailoring a piece to suit your individual style.

We are female-founded and grounded in sustainability.

We love furniture with a story—let’s revitalize and write the next chapter.