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How It Works


Whether you'd like to restore the former beauty of a favorite piece or totally transform it, Revitaliste makes the process enjoyable and frustration-free.


Get a Quote

Using our simple online form, upload images and dimensions of your furniture to give us a picture of what you'd like to revitalize. Select which revitalization service you're interested in and give us any other details about your vision for the redesign. We'll get back in a snap with a detailed estimate for your project.


Design Your Perfect Piece

Know exactly how you'd like to redesign your piece? Share the details with us and we'll ensure your vision is flawlessly executed. Overwhelmed by the possibilities or short on time? Let our team of design experts help design your dream piece. Simply fill out our questionnaire and we'll hand-select the perfect fabrics and finishes for you.

Revitalization services we offer include:
Lacquering & Painting
Wood Refinishing & Restoration
Powder Coating
Wallpaper Wrapping (Decoupage)
Faux and Decorative Finishes
Caning & Rushing
Metal Plating


Let Us Handle The Rest

Simply schedule a pickup for your piece, and Revitaliste will take care of the rest. Our professional movers will ensure your piece is carefully transported to and from the workroom. Our team of designers and project managers work closely with our artisans to make certain that each piece is perfectly revitalized. Once your piece is completed and inspected, we'll send you an update to schedule delivery. Your newly revitalized piece will be ready to use in no time...without you ever needing to leave your home!