Love what you live with.

Whether your piece is of sentimental value, a coveted collectible, or simply an old piece you adore, we believe furniture with a story enriches your home.

Our mission is to make it simple and inspiring to keep these pieces and tailor them to perfectly suit your style and lifestyle.


Our Unique Approach

Trusted by top interior design professionals, Revitaliste is the only company to offer full-service furniture revitalization. Now it is easier than ever to transform your favorite furniture into something you will truly love.

Accessing our service is super simple. You can request a quote, design your piece, order fabric, schedule pick up and delivery all within a few clicks, without ever leaving your home. We offer the broadest range of furniture revitalization services: upholstery, antique restoration, wood refinishing, lacquering…we’ve got you covered.

Highly Specialized
We have a network of specialists who each bring their expertise to bear on each stage of each project. From seasoned designers and project managers, to professional, fully-insured movers, to best-in-class upholsterers, refinishers, lacquerers and other artisans, to ensure each phase of the revitalization process is expertly completed. 

You own the creative process: Whether your aesthetic is big and bold or subtle and serene, revitalizing a piece allows you to express your individual style and create a one-of-a-kind treasure. No two pieces we transform are ever the same!

Quality Guarantee
We take the guesswork out of your revitalization projects. Our expert project managers will ensure your revitalized piece is exactly the way you always imagined. Whether it’s fabric pattern placement or custom color matching, welt diameter or powder coat sheen, we obsess over the details so you love your new piece. And our quality is 100% guaranteed.


Founder's Note

As a long time collector of vintage and salvaged furniture, Revitaliste founder Amy Frederickson knows the ins and outs of the furniture revitalization industry. After moving from New York to San Francisco, Amy started anew in establishing a network of trusted artisans and vendors to revitalize her pieces. Amy started Revitaliste as an end-to-end, streamlined service that makes revitalizing unique, vintage and pre-owned furnishings an enjoyable, frustration-free process.