Why We Cherish Chairish

Tips for shopping vintage furniture online

If Chairish were a person s/he would be very datable in our book - stylish, helpful, witty, inspiring, and an expert at anticipating your needs. An online shopping experience for discovering great vintage and pre-owned furniture from sellers around the country, Chairish is one of our favorite destinations for great finds. While Craigslist and local flea markets still hold a special place in our heart, Chairish is our go-to for efficiently finding carefully curated pieces. They’ve made the shopping experience so effortless and the service so smooth that you could easily never venture outside of your home again (until you spy something worth revitalizing discarded on the sidewalk). Below we’ve outlined what makes us cherish all that Chairish has to offer. 



For anyone who has shopped eBay or Craigslist or has felt overwhelmed at a flea market, this is a HUGE benefit. Chairish wades through the junk and presents only the gems. 


While there can certainly be a thrill in “the hunt”, sometimes you just want something served up to you with no effort. Chairish’s search/sort functionality makes finding great pieces effortless. Products are categorized by furniture type, style/era, price, location and color. You can be highly directed in your search or leisurely browse beautiful products. 


Each listing provides the same basic information - quality photos, dimensions, condition, price, furniture type and style/era. Chairish reviews each submission so that products are appropriately categorized to ensure that they’re found where they should be. 


In the event that the information provided is not detailed enough for you to pull the trigger on a purchase, you can easily get additional information directly from the seller. On each product listing page there’s the ability to ask the seller a question while you’re looking at the piece.


Very few people actually enjoy haggling over price. Chairish has devised a system that works for both the buyer and seller. The buyer is able to offer a price but they need to put their money where their mouth is (e.g. enter credit card info) before they’re able to submit the offer. In other words, it’s a verified offer that will be processed the minute the seller agrees to the offered price.

Tips for shopping vintage furniture online


The economists in the crowd will love this one. Chairish serves up information on where comparable products have actually sold. SO powerful when you're trying to determine what a “fair” offer is in an otherwise “dark” marketplace. 


Chairish makes it super simple to save both your favorite products and your favorite sellers. When you’re in research/inspiration mode you can collect all your products in one place. You can also follow sellers who inspire you with their fabulous finds. It’s such a simple concept but it REALLY helps when you’re in the researching phase. 


Looking for something in particular but not finding it? Set up the search parameters and relax. Chairish will push all new listings that fit your criteria to your inbox. Stay tuned for next week's post on how one of our clients used this functionality to effortlessly find a dresser to revitalize. 

Tips for shopping for vintage furniture on Chairish


The best of both worlds, you get to decide. If adding shipping to the cost of your purchase isn’t in the budget or you’re committed to buying local, Chairish has got you covered. Drill down to a location and only shop for pieces in your hometown.


An important piece of the furniture puzzle. If you choose local pick-up for your purchase and decide the piece isn't right for you once you’ve seen it in person, you can cancel the sale and your money is refunded. If your purchase is shipped and you determine you don’t like it, while expensive, you can return it within 48 hours. In the unlikely event that an item was not properly represented in its listing, you can return it at no cost to you.

Whether you’re a neophyte or a seasoned hunter, Chairish has created an online experience that works for all. Interested in giving your recent Chairish purchase a fresh look? Revitaliste can help you transform your fabulous find into the piece of your dreams.


Looking on Chairish for some vintage furniture to restore?

Here are some of our favorite candidates.

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