A Story to Tell: Le Salon D’Ecriture

photo by R Brad Knipstein

photo by R Brad Knipstein

Here at Revitaliste, we look forward to the San Francisco Decorator Showcase every year for incredible design inspiration, a chance to tour an architectural landmark, and to meet and connect with wonderfully talented designers. When a designer chooses to feature a revitalized piece in their room of the Showcase house, as has been the case for the last few years (2016, 2017, 2018), we are incredibly honored. This year has been no exception.

SF-based interior designer, Kristen Peña, of K Interiors, creates spaces that are as livable as they are compelling, rich with color and texture, and informed by the history and story of the structure. This year’s Showcase house, Le Petit Trianon, lacks not for storied history. Inspired by the original built at Versailles Palace in the mid-1700s that was once a retreat of Marie Antoinette’s, the Bay-area version was completed in 1904. It is a national historic landmark and has remained a single-family residence since its completion.

Kristen’s room in the Showhouse, “Le Salon D’Ecriture” (Writer’s Den), pays lovely homage to the rich history of the home, and Revitaliste was thrilled for the chance to help her tell its story through the revitalization of a special chaise with custom handmade felt from Fog & Fury.

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Expert furniture refinishing and restoration San Francisco & Los Angeles
San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2019
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BEFORE: Stored in a Garage


Revitalized in 6 Steps

Here’s what we did:

  1. Refinish the wood legs in a medium-tone walnut finish

  2. Remove the old brass casters

  3. Reupholster chaise in a cashmere and silk felt

  4. Reshape the pleating and nail heads on the sides of the back/headrest

  5. Create a cleaner, pull-over seat

  6. Re-tie the internal springs and replace the foam

Reupholster vintage chaise longue | Refinish walnut furniture legs
Handmade cashmere and silk felt | Custom upholstery services San Francisco & Los Angeles

AFTER: Show-Stopper with a Story to Tell

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We sat down with Kristen to hear more about her inspiration and experience.

Tell us about your vision for your room in the Showcase House…

KP: Inspired by the history and French architecture of Le Petit Trianon, we wanted this room to feel compatible with the era of the house, but with a modern spin. Intended as a writer’s den, the space echoes a sense of duality between two worlds, old and new. Hidden messages speak volumes to the writer who resides in the space, while the dark velvety blue walls create a rich backdrop for creativity or an afternoon cocktail.

Did you start with furniture revitalization already in mind?

KP: We thought Revitaliste was the perfect company to use for this project since their mission resonates with our idea of marrying both old and new. We came to Revitaliste with a general idea of what we wanted, and they helped us take it to the next level.

What can you share about the  backstory of the chaise?

KP: Amy, CEO of Revitaliste, generously offered us a chaise she had been storing, waiting to give it the perfect home. To our luck it fit perfectly in the space and happened to be exactly what we had drawn in our comp. We envisioned upholstering this vintage chaise longue in a delicious nubby fabric that would give anyone passing by the desire to kick their feet up and lounge.

Tell us about Fog & Fury...

KP: Fog & Fury was a perfect choice for this type of project because not only is their wool super soft and cozy, it is hand-felted, requiring an intensive repetition of condensing, pressing and agitating fibers to create a dense, matted texture. We felt for an event such as a decorator’s showhouse, this was the perfect company to showcase alongside Revitaliste for both artistic process and uniqueness of material.

How did the design for the chaise come together?

KP: We wanted this to be a true three part collaboration between us, Revitaliste and Fog & Fury. We started with the vision of what we wanted in the room, Revitaliste made it a reality by not only finding us the perfect piece, but managing and executing the labor, and Fog & Fury patiently hand-felted each square inch of the fabric in order to ensure the vision fully came to life.  

What was it like working with Revitaliste?

KP: Working with Revitaliste was such a great experience. We simply chose the piece and the fabric, and got a call from Revitaliste when the piece was ready to go. No visits to the showroom, no project management, just an idea turned reality. Sharing the vision and entrusting Revitaliste to execute is the best part of the process. We were able to design and manage all the other moving parts for this room, and that was one less thing we needed to worry about. Forever grateful for this wonderful collaboration!

Thank you to Kristen Peña and the team at K Interiors and Fog and Fury for working with us on this incredible transformation.

Visit the 2019 San Francisco Decorator Showcase now through May 27, 2019.

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