7 Unexpected Fall Patterns

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Sumptuous textures, warm hues and luxe layers: we welcome fall with open arms. And with the holidays fast approaching, fall is the perfect time to spruce up your guest room, cozify your family room, or transition your dining room to make it all the more inviting. To help inspire your next design project, we’ve curated our favorite fabrics in lavish autumnal colors - see seven of our top picks below.

‘À Contre-Jour’ by Dedar.jpg

1. ‘À Contre-Jour’ by Dedar

This classic silk and cotton twill from Dedar is reminiscent of the changing light of fall: think those crisp, dusk nights with golden skies and black, silhouetted trees. This chinoiserie pattern is unique, subtle and modern.

‘Palm’ in Artichoke Colorway by Hable Construction.jpg

2. ‘Palm’ in Artichoke Colorway by Hable Construction

This palm print from Hable Construction feels at once desert chic and unquestionably fall. With its natural lines of willowy palm boughs and soft saffron yellow and brown hues, this print would play well with countless color schemes.

‘Hunters’ by Whiteworks.jpg

3. ‘Hunters’ by Whiteworks

An archival print produced by JET in the late 1940s, the glorious Hunters pattern (on velvet, nonetheless) was uncovered only recently. With a very prim and proper woman riding side saddle, a man donning his hunting-best in the traditional red coat and black top hat, we see this quintessentially British print being the perfect addition to any library or reading nook.

quartz hermes.jpg

4. ‘Quartz’ by Hermès

Orange is ubiquitous with fall - and no one does orange better than Hermès. Quartz is a neoclassical print with the subtle ‘H’ woven throughout. It’s easy to imagine this fabric on a revitalized piece for a fashionista dreaming of a Parisian getaway.

‘New Town Stone Plaid’ by Ronda Carmen.jpg

5. ‘New Town Stone Plaid’ by Ronda Carmen

A classic tartan never goes out of style, and we’re a fan of this version by Ronda Carmen. While this neutral color palette is perfect for layering and would make a perfect canvas for almost any other hue, it will undoubtedly set the tone of a space as cozy and warm.

‘Romano’ in Sunrise Colorway by Arley House .jpg

6. ‘Romano’ in Sunrise Colorway by Arley House

We’ve found ourselves inspired by all things Italy recently, from intricate Renaissance art to the sun-bleached pastel architecture of the seaside town Positano. Romano in Sunrise colorway, inspired by images from the V&A archive, is the blissful union of both of those inspirations.

‘Kaze’ in South Colorway by Zak + Fox.jpg

7. ‘Kaze’ in South Colorway by Zak + Fox

Kaze in South colorway feels perfectly fluid and abstract. ‘Kaze’ is the Japanese word for wind, and it feels perfectly fitting for this brushstroke print. We like to picture this subtle yet lively print on anything from an antique settee to a newly produced piece with great, modern lines. In any setting, it’s sure to inspire a burst of creativity.

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