To Buy or Not To Buy...That Is The Question

Having a hard time deciding whether you should pull the trigger on that diamond-in-the-rough piece to revitalize? You’re not alone. It can be difficult to determine what warrants “good bones” in which to invest your time and money. After wallowing in indecision one too many times ourselves, we resolved to find a simple method to answer that question - to buy or not to buy. Our solution? The decision tree. 

Oh, how we adore a good decision tree! It’s so freeing to have someone else provide the mental framework to make a choice. In the case of diamond-in-the rough furniture, the decision hinges on an essential, single question: do you love it?

Decision tree for buying furniture

Ready to find a new diamond-in-the rough piece to make your own? Join us this weekend at Alameda Point Antiques Fair and let us know what you uncover.