Designer Spotlight: Elena Calabrese

Meet Bay Area–based interior designer Elena Calabrese, the creative mastermind behind Elena Calabrese Design and Decor. Read on to see how this fashion-industry expat got her start in interior design, what era is inspiring her lately, and get a glimpse of her most recent project with Revitaliste.

You began your career in interior design after a decade in the fashion industry. What made you decide to make the switch?

After my husband and I bought and remodeled our first home in Sausalito, an adorable midcentury A-frame, I fell in love with the whole process. I decided when I was pregnant with my son to go back to school for interior design.

How has your background in fashion influenced your interiors style or outlook?

As an accessory designer, my job was to make the collection pop and really tell the story, the icing on the cake, so to speak! I feel like the interior designer on the creative team is the one who makes the theme come alive. It’s the layers of little things—pattern, texture, and different materials—that bring a space to life. I am pretty aware of trends in color, pattern, and styles, which I always like to incorporate into the mix.


When it comes to vintage and antique furniture, what styles or eras are you most drawn to? Are there any specific pieces youre loving or seeking lately?

Seventies, seventies, seventies! Late midcentury, luxe, kind of funky, kind of classic pieces—with a little rock ‘n’ roll edge. Many favorites of mine are usually Italian from the ‘70s or by Milo Baughman. I have a treasured pair of lucite chairs from Gary Gutterman.

Tell us a little bit about the Bergère chairs you recently revitalized. Whats the history behind these antique chairs, and why did you and your client decide to keep them?

The chairs have been in my client’s family for generations. She grew up in France and Morocco and has lived all over the world. She has moved these heirlooms everywhere with her, which shows me how meaningful they are to her.

Screenshot 2017-11-20 17.38.08.png

What was your inspiration for the redesign of these antique chairs? Tell us how you revitalized them.

I loved the style and scale but we really needed to modernize these antique chairs. We chose to lacquer the wood frames the perfect rusty orange and reupholster them in Schumacher's "Vail Chenille", a large-scale graphic upholstery fabric. This color and pattern combo made a real statement! The chairs' new design allowed us to incorporate them into our client's contemporary interior while still allowing the chairs to shine–history and all.

In general, what're your criteria for deciding to keep, and potentially revitalize, something a client owns?

It really depends on how much they love a piece. If it's really important to them, the style and look of the piece take a back seat and I’ll do the best I can to make them work. My sentimental side can let the aesthetics go if needed, ultimately it's the client's home.

Vintage lucite chairs

Your interiors feel incredibly livable, yet elevated. What’s your secret for finding the balance?

I think because I am drawn to a combination of order and visual interest, I keep things relatively simple in my designs. I am naturally drawn to simple lines in architecture. That combination along with natural earthy elements creates a casual and less formal place. 

interior design by elena calabrese
mb chrome chairs.jpg

You’re a longtime California resident. How has living in the Bay impacted your aesthetic or stylistic perspective?

Living in Northern California, there is an aesthetic that comes with the territory. The outside is usually a big part of the interior. As sophisticated as Marin, SF and wine country clients are, they generally have a love for design that is “unfussy.” The best combo to me is the sophisticated elevated materials and design in combination with earthy finishes, fabrics, etc. I think that “casualness” feels very livable to most. 

vintage lucite stool
interior design elena calabrese

Whats next for Elena Calabrese Design and Decor?

Hopefully some development and hospitality projects, I have opportunities to grow in that direction. Of course, along with the continuation of building my residential business, I’m dying to do a chic mountain home project!

Potentially product design built around my mother’s brand, Joan Calabrese. She was a children’s dress designer, and the line is still in production. My sister and I would like to develop a home line for kids using her name. Maybe it’s fabrics, rugs, etc., in my spare time!


Do you have a treasured piece that needs to be modernized? Let Revitaliste help you redesign it! Our online design questionnaire takes only a moment to complete and we'll send you up to five unique design directions. Get started here

Fabric Crush: Penny Morrison

PennyMorrison pink.jpg

Meet the multi-talented Penny Morrison, the creative force behind UK-based Penny Morrison Interiors and Fabrics, as well as one-half of Irving & Morrison. South African by birth, Morrison is unbound by English tradition and known for marrying classical elements with inspired worldly motifs. Read on to learn where she sources inspiration, what’s next for her collection, and more.


You are both an interior designer and a fabric designer—and a very talented one at that! How did you find yourself in the world of interiors?

As a child growing up in South Africa, I was influenced by my mother’s love of pretty things, and coming to the UK opened up such a wealth of beautiful buildings, fabrics, and antiques.  Before I married I went every weekend to Portobello Road and collected vintage textiles, objets, and small antiques.

Penny Morrison Interior Designer

Can you tell us about the progression to fabric design?

For 11 years, I decorated the Ile de France Hotel in St Barths, and when I first started this project I could not find any suitable fabrics so decided to design my own—linens, breezy and faded, which could work well in the beachy sunny environment.

"Ashok" Fabric in Pink

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Ashok in Pink
Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Kenil in Pink

"Kenil" Fabric in Pink

"Andean Stripe" Fabric in Lilac

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Andean Stripe in Lilac
Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Indira Stripe in Pink

"Indira Stripe" Fabric in Pink


You have honed such a beautiful, almost muddied color palette. What draws you to these softer tones?

I am not really a fan of primary colors— I have always felt that slightly “off colors” are much chicer and easier to use and live with.


"Bolton" Fabric in Brown

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric |  Bolton in Brown

"Athens" Fabric in Taupe

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric |  Athens in Taupe

"Inca Stripe" Fabric in Brown

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric |  Inca Vertical Stripe in Brown

"Ashok" Fabric in Chocolate

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Ashok in Brown

What materials and techniques do you use to produce your fabrics? And where are they produced?

My fabrics are all linen and are woven in Scotland, and they are hand screen printed in London.

What’s exciting you most in the world of fabrics as of late? Are there any trends, colors, or designs you’re especially loving?

I think a mix of interesting African-inspired geometrics and a return to the floral chintzes so popular in the seventies and eighties are a great relief after of too many years of beige.


"Arabella" Fabric in Red

Screenshot 2017-11-13 21.42.24.png
Penny Morrision Fabric | Anni in Red

"Anni" Fabric in Red

"Haveli" Fabric in Red

Penny Morrison Fabric | Haveli in Red colorway
Penny Morrision Fabric | Killi in Red

"Killi" Fabric in Red

What’s next for your fabric collection?

I am working on a few diverse printed designs and a new range of weaves, which will be launched early next year.

We recently revitalized an antique armchair in an exquisite "Ashok" linen fabric by Penny Morrison—check out the before and after here.

Love Penny Morrison's fabric too? Get in touch here for design guidance or here to get an upholstery quote. 

"Aspa" Fabric in Petrol

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Aspa in Petrol
Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Hemant in Blue Black

"Hemant" Fabric in Blue Black

"Athens" Fabric in Blue

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Athens in Blue
Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Berri in Petrol

"Berri" Fabric in Petrol


"Malika" Fabric in Duck Egg

Screenshot 2017-11-13 22.26.30.png
Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Diamond Chunky in green

"Diamond Chunky" Fabric in Green

"Karlstad" Fabric in Beige/Pink

Screenshot 2017-11-13 22.26.50.png
Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Lucknow in green

"Lucknow" Fabric in Green


"Lucknow Stripe" Fabric in Red

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Lucknow Stripe in Red
Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Karlstad in Blue/Red

"Karlstad" in Blue/Red

"Malika" Fabric in Pink

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Malika in Pink
Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Helena in Pink

"Helena" Fabric in Pink


"Malika" Fabric in Charcoal

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Malika in Charcoal

"Luma" Fabric in Indigo

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Luma in Indigo
Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric | Jamawar

"Jamawar" Fabric

Penny Morrison Upholstery Fabric |  Kenil in Indigo

"Kenil" Fabric in Indigo


See more Penny Morrison fabrics on our Pinterest boards!

Shattered But Not Broken: An Armchair Rehabilitation

IMG_8880_3-min 2.jpg

Here at Revitaliste, it’s our mission to give new life to quality vintage, antique, and secondhand furniture. Sometimes a simple fabric/finish refresh is all that is needed. Other times our work is more akin to reconstructive surgery! Such was the case with one client’s pair of English roll-arm chairs that she had inherited from her mother. One of the legs had been shattered and our client feared these century-old sentimental treasures were beyond repair. But in the hands of a skilled artisan, even the most crippled furniture can be rehabilitated.

Screenshot 2017-11-08 21.57.34.png

Revitalization Checklist

  • Repair the shattered leg
  • Basic restoration on legs to bring the wood back to life
  • Modernize the back by removing tufting
  • Reupholster
Screenshot 2017-11-08 22.09.37.png

Produced in the 1930s, these English roll-arm chairs were solidly constructed. Though one cabriole leg had splintered into several pieces (a few of which were missing), it was made of solid mahogany. We were able to insert a metal dowel to reinforce the leg and then glue the splintered pieces together around the dowel. Where pieces were missing, we patched the holes with putty, contoured the puttied areas to blend with the lines of the leg and faux painted these areas to match the wood grain. No one would ever be able to pick out which leg was broken!

Design Decisions

Our client wanted to modernize her mother’s chairs to blend with her relaxed but chic California style. She fell in love with an exquisite hand-printed linen designed by British interior designer Penny Morrison: “Ashok” in Chocolate color way. The subtle pattern and soothing neutral tones of the fabric make these very proper chairs more approachable. To tone down the traditionalist style of the chairs even more, we removed the button tufting and plumped up the backs. We loved the aged tobacco patina of the legs so we didn’t touch the color; We simply cleaned up and polished the legs.

Screenshot 2017-11-09 09.39.17.png

Things to Keep in Mind

  • With furniture constructed with hardwoods, nothing is beyond repair. A skilled artisan can rehabilitate severely damaged pieces to look as good as new.  
  • Even the most traditional of styles can be modernized with the right fabric/finish!

Have a piece in need of some serious rehab? Get a detailed price quote for your project here.

Modernizing Vintage Furniture With Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily fabrics and wallpaper

If Serena & Lily didn't create the coastal cool design genre then they certainly took it to a totally new level. Their breezy, casual modern vibe is adored by both actual and aspirational coastal dwellers. Aside from their line of beachy-inspired furniture and home decor, Serena & Lily has a fresh line of upholstery fabrics and bold wallpapers that are so versatile they can refresh any piece. Revitaliste teamed up with Serena & Lily to revitalize two classic (and decidedly non-beachy) vintage pieces with their new graphic textile line. 

Brass Base Swivel Chair

The brass base of this 1970s swivel chair is absolutely fabulous! While the original naugahyde upholstery was a stunner back in the day, it's now faded and tattered. That gorgeous base is begging for a much bolder fabric!

Revitalization Checklist:

  • Excellent structural condition
  • Swivel function works smoothly
  • Buff/polish brass base
  • Reupholster in bold pattern
Vintage brass swivel chair

Design Decisions:

We reupholstered the chair with Serena and Lily “Tilden” fabric – a fresh, graphic twist on the traditional palm frond pattern. We decided to keep the horizontal channeling on the seat back to give the chair a more tailored appearance and visual depth. The brass base was in great condition so we simply buffed it to bring back its shine. 

Vintage chair reupholstered in Serena & Lily Tilden upholstery fabric

Mid Century Bar Cart

Mid century bar cart

This mid century bar cart is so stylish and utilitarian - what’s not to like about that combination?! AND smaller pieces like this bar cart are super budget-friendly to refresh.  

Revitalization Checklist:

  • Structurally sound
  • Missing panels for upper/lower shelves
  • Great vintage patina on teak legs and brass rails
Mid century bar cart with Serena & Lily Cayman Cork wallpaper

Design Decisions:

We custom cut two wood pieces to fit the upper and lower shelves of the bar cart. Then we wrapped both sides in this awesome Serena and Lily wallpaper, “Cayman Cork” in green color way. To give the piece an even more bespoke look, we lacquered the edges of the wood panels in the same green as the wallpaper. We decided to keep the vintage patina of the teak wood and brass for a touch of  vintage cache. 

Like the revitalized pieces above? They could be YOURS! Head over to Serena & Lily's San Francisco Design Shop by August 12 and enter a chance to win them. 

Want to revitalize a piece to have a coastal-cool vibe? We love Serena & Lily's textile line on virtually any style/era of furnishings. Below are some fun inspirational ideas!

Mix It Up

We're fans of mishmashing styles, eras and cultures in design. Try a fun pattern like Serena & Lily's African-inspired Kuba pattern on a mid century piece.

Mid century chairs to be reupholstered in Serena & Lily Kuba upholstery fabric

The Bolder The Better

We're crazy about Serena & Lily's bolder prints like the modern palm pattern "Tilden". These fresh prints would be perfect on an antique frame with high gloss lacquer.

Antique fauteuil chairs to be reupholstered in Serena & Lily fabric

Family Friendly 

We’re big fans of indoor/outdoor fabric for indoor use - particularly for young families and/or avid hosts. Serena & Lily's designed a wonderful line of stain-resistant upholstery fabrics with Perennials. We’re especially partial to the "Basketweave" fabrics - particularly the white and sand color ways. They have the appearance of linen with none of the drawbacks that come with real linen. Bring on the red wine! 

Serena & Lily + Perennials upholstery fabrics

Wrap It Up

Serena & Lily has a fabulous range of grasscloth wallpaper colors. We like adding grasscloth for textural interest to the door/drawer fronts of big brown storage pieces and lacquering the body in  similar color. Instant makeover!

Vintage dresser refinished with blue lacquer and grasscloth

Pattern Play

Tired of too much wood in your home? Refresh a big brown piece with a beautiful patterned wallpaper and upgrade the drawer pulls for a total transformation.

Vintage dresser to be refinished with palm wallpaper and new drawer pulls

Want to revitalize one of your pieces? Get a price quote for your project here.

Love Serena & Lily textiles as much as we do? Pop by one of their Design Shops or request fabric/wallpaper swatches online here for your next revitalization project. 

Fabric Crush: Hable Construction

Image:  hable construction

Image:  hable construction

Talk about a dreamy work scenario: pursuing your passion, building it into a thriving business, along side your beloved sis. That’s exactly what the creative team behind Hable Construction fabrics has done. Susan Hable Smith and Katharine Hable Sweeney – two sisters with distinctly different yet complementary skills – have created a vividly colored and boldly patterned fabric line.  We absolutely adore the painterly, artistic quality of Hable’s fabrics. Read on for insight into this talented duo’s backgrounds and fascinating inspirations. 

Tell us a bit about your respective backgrounds? 

Susan is the artistic mind of the team. Having studied fine art at the University of Alabama and collaging and painting since childhood, she is a wizard with a paint brush and scissors! 

Katharine is the business mind of the team.  With a journalism degree from Ole Miss, she found her passion in sales and marketing early in her career. 

Palette creation by Hable Construction
Screen for printing Hable Construction upholstery fabric

What prompted you to launch Hable Construction? 

We launched Hable Construction in 1999. Katharine was a new mother at home with twins and Susan had recently returned from a long trip to India which had deeply inspired her. Our original concept was simply to bring to life some of Susan’s beautiful art – using her designs as a canvas for home and personal accessories. We started with one product: scarves. The business quickly evolved and we added table runners and pillows for the home. Things just kept evolving organically and, when they made sense, we took the bull by the horns and tried new production ideas and collaborations! 

Give us a sense of what inspires your fabric line? 

Susan finds inspiration in everything; but nature and travel definitely top the list of inspirational sources. Throughout the years, Susan has a amassed a vast library of images and inspirations. When developing new patterns, she often dives deep into different cultures - studying the patterns, colors, shapes and other elements of that culture. For example, the “Rise” pattern was inspired by the Dutch African wax prints which were typically used in clothing. (Click here to see the fabulous "Rise" pattern on a project Revitaliste did for SF Girl By Bay)

Upholstery fabric pattern development with Hable Construction
Pattern brainstorming for upholstery fabric by Hable Construction

How are your fabrics produced? Why have you chosen this production method? 

We use a few methods now that the world of technology has expanded. We prefer handmade things when possible and our Classic Collection is handprinted in New England at a wonderful old mill. We also are able to get a more painterly style of print by using digitally printed textiles from a mill in North Carolina. With digital printing, Susan's artwork can be directly placed on the fabrics creating watery and less-defined artistic patterns. 

What does the future hold for your textile line? 

We hope to continue to expand all offerings in color and pattern to offer more to our clients while staying true to the Hable look. Adding some new constructions in jacquards is a goal and we hope to expand our collaborations with our textile partners to include some more high performance collections as well as pushing the artistic envelope! 


Capri Nantucket

Marble Skinny Dipper

Marble Skinny Dipper


Ropes Lemon

Beads lemon

Beads Lemon


French Quilt Smoke

Pacific Ash

Pacific Ash


Baja Lilac

baja lilac
capri holland

Capri Holland


Ikat Smoke

Ikat Smoke
Rise Shale

Rise Shale


Mum Dahlia

Screenshot 2017-06-20 23.10.47.png
tiny stripe orange yellow ombre

Tiny Stripe Ombre


Kukui Bark

Kukui Bark
Library Camel

Library Camel


Ropes Nectarine

Ropes Nectarine
Stripe Cayenne

Stripe Cayenne


Checker Pine

Checker PIne

Tiny Stripe Ombre


Batik Bluefin

BLUE_Batik Bluefin.jpeg
Painterly Fog

Painterly Fog


Cosmos Sunshine

Cosmos sunshine
Net Canary

Net Canary


Marble Ashen

Marble ashen
Flora Bay

Flora Bay


Tiny Stripe Lilac

Tiny stripe lavendar
french quilt coral

French Quilt Coral


Pearl Slate

Pearl Slate
Baja twilight

Baja Twilight


Stripe Rose

Stripe rose

Pacific Hibiscus


Akara Falls Umber

Akara Falls Umber
Hilo Driftwood

Hilo Driftwood


Cosmos Pumpkin

Capri Cabo

Capri Cabo


Suvi Emerald

Volcano Seaglass

Volcano Seaglass

Love Hable Construction fabrics as much as we do? Get in touch for a design consultation here, or request a quote for reupholstery here

The Dirty Dozen Vol. 3

Viyet: Investment Pieces

Investing in quality furnishings with great lines is always a good our humble opinion. Finding quality pieces at a fraction of their retail value is an even better investment! And the easiest way to find a curated collection of amazingly priced, pre-loved luxury pieces is on Viyet - an online consignment store for luxury furnishings. The pieces are all from venerable brands constructed to last a lifetime – and worthy of revitalizing again and again. We've selected our top Viyet picks we'd love to get our hands on for a makeover! 


Harvey Probber Love Seat

  • Like a runway model, everything looks good on this frame! 
  • Take advantage of this versatile frame and reupholster in a zig zag pattern like "Funky Stripes" from Dedar. 
  • $2475 on Viyet

Lane "Brutalist" Dresser

  • To be brutally honest - this piece is rad.
  • The geometric blocks are begging to be color blocked! Lacquer in subtle shades of gray for a sophisticated look or vibrant colors for a youthful style
  • $1510 on Viyet

Jan Ekselius Lounge Chairs

  • Groovy. 
  • Turn up the mojo on these groovy chairs by upholstering a textured metallic like Zinc Textiles "Penthouse" fabric.
  • $2525 on Viyet

French Art Deco Daybed

  • Sophisticate. 
  • Honor the decadence of this piece and reupholster in extra plush faux fur like Caroline Dow's "Fuzzy Wuzzy" in mink. 
  • $9875 on Viyet

Vintage Italian Bench

  • Those legs – bellisimo!
  • Embrace the sex appeal of those legs and reupholster in a faux python leather. 
  • $5200 on Viyet

Vintage Club Chair

  • Bodacious!
  • Accentuate the curves of this chair by adding welting (aka piping). We love the look of tone on tone like Sandra Jordan Prima Alpaca fabric with Desginers Guild satin welting.
  • $1435 on Viyet

Karl Springer Waterfall Desk

  • Gushing over this waterfall design.
  • Refinish the top with an exotic wood veneer that has gorgeous graining like a macassar ebony. 
  • $2275 on Viyet

Louis XV Dining Chairs

  • Je suis Louis. 
  • Lacquer the frames in black high gloss for a modern twist. Replace the caning with a fun printed fabric like Madeline Weinrib's "Dapne Ikate" 
  • $1150 on Viyet

Chippendale Sideboard

  • Neo trad wannabe.
  • Modernize this traditional piece by lacquering a vibrant color (we love Hermés orange) and replacing the hardware with more contemporary pulls. 
  • $970 on Viyet

Eugenio Escudero Dining Chairs

  • Unique lines.
  • These super unique framed chairs warrant an equally unique fabric - we love a laser cut hair-on cowhide from Theo. 
  • $5835 on Viyet

Hickory White Cabinet

  • Dapper. 
  • Lacquer the body in a super saturated color, like Hague Blue from Farrow and Ball, and line the front door panels with a textured paper like faux shagreen.
  • $2880 on Viyet

1980s Brass Swivel Chairs

  • Executive class.
  • A favorite combo: polished brass pieces from the 80s paired with feminine colors like Schumacher's "Gainsborgh" velvet in blush.
  • $1495 on Viyet

Viyet: A Design Aficionado's Dream

Viyet founder Liz Brown's dining room

We all have a friend who has such fabulous style and covetable objects that we’d eagerly jump at the chance to snag her cast-offs. Imagine all these friends aggregating their most beautiful furnishings in one place, for sale, online – dreamy, right? Well, that’s Viyet, the world’s fanciest online consignment store for pre-loved luxury furniture. 

Viyet culls the most covetable pieces from interior designers, showrooms and design savvy individuals looking to redecorate or move. Anything but sloppy seconds, the pieces available on Viyet are from venerable brands, in a wonderful mix of styles and eras – Christian Liaigre, Knoll, Holly Hunt, Mies van der Rohe, Ligne Roset, among many others. And it gets better, these pieces are sold at a fraction of the cost without the wait. Because all the pieces sold on Viyet are top quality, they are great candidates for revitalization! (Read this other post to see our top Viyet picks to revitalize.)

We sat down with Viyet's stylish CEO, Elizabeth Brown, to get her thoughts on design. 

What is your self described style?

Classic, tailored, and simple. 

You recently renovated your Gramercy Park home. What is your favorite piece from Viyet?

I'd have to say our Nella Vetrina lacquered dining chairs. We found the set for an absolute steal on the site, and all we had to do was reupholster the seats to bring them back to life. Plus, they are incredibly comfortable!

What do you consider to be the best workhorse pieces of furniture in a home?

Lighting. The right fixture is functional and beautiful at the same time - almost like a standalone piece of art. We were fortunate to have commissioned a custom fixture from Stephen Antonson that runs the full height of our 2-story staircase. Not only does it illuminate a tricky spot in our home, but it also serves as a visual focal point that looks just as stunning turned off as it does when it's on.

Elizabeth Brown CEO of Viyet

Viyet has been growing rapidly - now consigning in 12 cities in the US. What new areas of expansion are in Viyet’s future? What are you most excited about right now?

We will continue to expand over the next 12-18 months with a goal of having curators in every city with a strong design community. A few cities on our radar are Seattle, Denver, Charleston, and Scottsdale. Beyond geographical expansion, we are excited to continue growing our base of manufacturer and brand partnerships. We are proud to work with over 200 high end furniture lines who work with us to sell floor samples and excess stock, and we are planning to double that list over the coming year.

Any business advice for entrepreneurs in creative fields?

Understanding the fundamentals of finance and accounting, particularly cash flow management, is so important for an early stage company where capital is always constrained. Investing in the right accountant, or even a part time CFO, will give any entrepreneur an enormous amount of leverage and confidence especially when it comes to fundraising.

Lonny Magazine Features Revitaliste Top Tips

How To Modernize Inherited Furniture

We were thrilled when Lonny Magazine asked us to share our top tips for how to modernize inherited furniture. There is nothing we like more than re-envisioning a well-made, sentimental (if dated) piece as a covetable one-of-a-kind treasure.

See all 15 tips to modernize your inherited pieces here. 


Go Graphic

Reupholster a chair with a modern graphic pattern that will turn heads.


Leg Lift

Switch out the base legs of an upholstered piece for a completely new look.


Fresh Surface

Lay down leather or skins (faux is fine too!) to make a worn tabletop totally fresh.

Do you have an inherited piece you can't bear to part with but also can't imagine working with your home decor? We'd be delighted to help you transform this piece! Get design guidance from our team of seasoned revitaleurs - it's quick and easy! And we're confident you'll be thrilled with the end product. 

2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase

2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase Dining Room

We were delighted to participate again in the San Francisco Decorator Showcase house – promoting great Bay Area interior designers' work while benefiting a great cause (tuition assistance for San Francisco University High School). This year we collaborated with the talented team from Redmond Aldrich Design to revitalize the sophisticated and stunningly eclectic dining room furnishings. 

The dining room in this year's Showcase house presented a unique challenge: its expansive size. With 15' ceilings and ample space to fit a fully-furnished studio apartment within, the room could easily swallow up "normal size" furniture. Instead of custom building or sourcing ready-made furniture, Redmond Aldrich opted to revitalize and rescale vintage pieces. 

Vintage Gio Ponti Style Dining Table

Vintage Gio Ponte Style Dining Table

In their search for the perfect table, Redmond Aldrich fell in love with the lines of an exquisite vintage Gio Ponti style dining table they found on Chairish. The legs were undeniably sexy and the beveled edge octagon top was ever-so-chic. However, it measured a mere 4' feet in length - dollhouse size in this massive room! 

Revitalization Checklist

  • Great structural condition 
  • Re-scale overall size of table

Design Decisions

Redmond Aldrich chose to replicate the original design and simply alter the size. Revitaliste created a new 10' long top with the same beautiful beveling and elongated octagon shape. To support the new top, we increased the distance between the legs, reinforced the base with steel rods covered in raw brass tubing and added two center black enameled legs with brass sabots to boot (pun intended). 


Vintage Knoll Dining Chairs

USE THIS ONE Chloe-Chair-2-BEFORE.jpg
Vintage Knoll Dining Chair

A table this size requires quite a few chairs – ten to be exact. Sourcing this larger quantity required persistence and a bit of creativity. Lighting on the perfect seating complement to the Gio Ponti table, Redmond Aldrich found these clean-line, wood framed Knoll dining chairs from three separate sellers. Because the chairs were going to be completely revitalized, it didn't matter that the original look of each set was different. 

Revitalization Checklist

  • Several of the chairs were not structurally sound so they were re-glued and reinforced with dowels.
  • The frames are made of oak, a very open grain wood, so the wood needed to be well sealed and primed before the lacquer could be applied.

Design Decisions

Redmond Aldrich designed the chicest Yves Klein-inspired blue chairs! The frames were lacquered in a semi-gloss custom color based on Benjamin Moore "New York State of Mind". The seats were upholstered in a similarly colored blue velvet from Savel. The sophisticated monochromatic chair design perfectly complements the earthier black wood-stained dining table. 

Vintage Knoll chair upholstered in blue velvet
Vintage Knoll chair reupholstered in blue velvet

Have a piece you love but the scale or color is wrong? Revitaliste makes the revitalization process super simple. Request a quote here or get started with some design guidance here.  

2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase Dining Room

25 Best White Stain-Resistant Upholstery Fabrics


Have you ever found yourself mildly envious (or perhaps secretly suspicious) of people with pristinely white upholstered furniture in their homes? What is the secret to keeping it looking crisp and clean? Never use it? Deprive oneself of life’s great pleasures (coffee, red wine, chocolate)? Feed children only starchy white food and ban artistic expression? 

Until recently, these draconian measures were indeed the only way to ensure that white fabric stayed white. But thanks to technology advances in the textile industry, white fabrics are now completely family-friendly AND worthy of appearing inside the home. Indoor/outdoor fabrics now convincingly mimic everything from linen to bouclé to textured wools.

We LOVE the broad array of texturally interesting white, ivory and cream stain-resistant fabrics available today. We've curated our top 25 selections. And we've given each one a test drive to ensure they are truly family-friendly. The results did not disappoint – even with these tough stains.

            ADULT STAINS


Best white stain-resistant upholstery fabric
Best white stain resistant upholstery fabric

We let each stain sit on the fabric for 5 minutes before we attempted to clean it. The results are amazing across the board. Liquids simply beaded on the fabric surface. The marker required a bit more effort – unscented baby wipes, warm soapy water, or a quick spritz with a stain remover did the trick to fully remove the stain. Amazing!! 

Our 25 Favorite Textured Whites

Perennials is our go-to for family AND budget friendly white textural upholstery fabrics. 

Perennials "Fairhaven" in Sea Salt

Perennials "In The Loop" in Sea Salt

Perennials "Plushy" Velvet in Blanca

Perennials "Fairhaven" in Sand

Perennials "Old Hand" in Blanca

Perennials "Wild & Wooly" in Sea Salt


Holly Hunt's indoor/outdoor line, Great Outdoors, has a vast selection of neutral, textured fabrics (all 100% solution dyed acrylic) in a range of price points. These are our favorites...

Holly Hunt "Cuba Libre" in Azúcar

Holly Hunt "Breathe Easy" in Cloud

Holly Hunt "First Tracks" in Fresh Powder

Holly Hunt "Lionheart" in Ivory

Holly Hunt "Unchained" in Daybreak

Holly Hunt "Bali Grass" in Conch


Several other brands have nailed the balance between family-friendly and super stylish textural white stain-resistant upholstery fabrics – Holland & Sherry, Jim Thompson, Chella, Décor de Paris and Stark/Old World Weavers. 

Holland & Sherry "Hanover Square" in Bone

Holland & Sherry "Gracie Point" in Opulence

Jim Thompson "Tunis" in Pearl

Jim Thompson "Lalla" in Pearl

Holland & Sherry "Pampas" in Clara

Holland & Sherry "Poncho" in Blanco

Jim Thompson "Palm Plain" in Rice Paper

Jim Thompson "Chinese Checkers" in Rice Paper

Décor de Paris "Ice Cube" in Stark White

Décor de Paris "Melange" in Stark White

Chella "Gondola" in Alabaster

Stark / Old World Weavers "Crestmoor" in Pearl

Chella "Montecatini" in Alabaster

Stark / Old World Weavers "Cortez Point" in Sky


Need some inspiration? Check out these fresh white upholstered pieces – crisp white works on any style furniture and with any decor style.

Upholstered white day bed
Upholstered antique settee
Upholstered vintage chairs
Upholstered serpentine sofa
Upholstered white sofa
Antique settee upholstered in white fabric
Club chair upholstered in white fabric with black piping
Upholstered vintage club chairs

Interested in freshening up an upholstered piece in your home with a family-friendly white fabric? We're ready to help you find the perfect fabric for your project. Get a quote here or try our design guidance service here


Image credits: Christine Dovey, Sukio, Honestly WTF, Vintage club chair,,  Pierre Yovanovitch, This Is Glamorous

Lonny Magazine Features Revitaliste as a "Design Disruptor"

Photo credit: Maria del rio

Photo credit: Maria del rio

It's an exciting moment when an esteemed design publication like Lonny Magazine takes note of the work our young company is doing. And even more exciting (and an incredible honor) to be cited by Lonny as one of the brands "shaking up the design industry in a major way"! We are thrilled to share this distinction with brands like HomePolish, Chairish and Justina Blakeney. 

Read on for an insightful profile on Revitaliste and our founder, Amy Frederickson, and the other brands transforming the design industry. 

Designer Spotlight: Chloe Warner of Redmond Aldrich Design

2017 SF Decorator Showcase dining room by Chloe Warner

Meet the ever-so-stylish Chloe Warner, the visionary behind Redmond Aldrich Design. With an artist mother and a scientist father, Chloe scored big on a well-rounded gene pool! Read on to see how she brings this right-brain/left-brain talent to her interior design projects. And get a glimpse into our collaboration with Chloe at this year's San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

You have a master’s degree in Architecture - how does that impact your approach to interior design?

It made me realize that what I feel passionate about is atmosphere, and there are many different ways to go about creating atmosphere. Architecture for sure, but also color, light, art, pattern, they are all tools at your disposal.  I love to deploy them all!

We love how much wallpaper you incorporate into your projects! In what scenarios do you feel that wallpaper is a better choice than paint? 

Speaking of atmosphere, wallpaper is such a potent way to create a mood.  In general I love to use it on all four walls to create a cocoon, and then layer other colors and pattern to create something magical.


Speaking of wallpaper, the “wallpaper floral” fabrics you favor add so much distinction to the mix. For the pattern shy, give us your best argument for using a floral.  

I adore old fashioned florals - hand blocked with several colors.  They bring a timeless vibe, and I’ve always thought that a thoughtful mix with a ton of harmonious elements will outlast a severe edit.  

Most designers use the standard animal prints (zebra stripe, leopard spots, etc) to amp up the energy. You’ve gone in a different direction - sculptural animal lamps and framed animal prints, even taxidermy - besides being the daughter of a zoologist (cool!), why?   

I never go out of my way to incorporate animal or earth elements, but it’s definitely a thread throughout my work. I’m not against animal prints, but it’s only one way to go and I would never limit myself.

You incorporate so many vintage items in your projects - furniture, lighting, sculptural objects - besides (in some cases) lower cost, what is your reasoning? 

I am so omnivorous!  The effort required to source from vintage sources, retail sources, custom sources and trade all pays off - you can calibrate the mood of a space so perfectly if you mix high and low, precious and humble, masculine and feminine, etc. Like a great cheese plate or a good party, all kinds should be represented.  

Now give us your favorite sources! :) 

I love Chairish and eBay, followed by a trip to Revitaliste!  I also love 1stDibs, Woven Accents, and The Future Perfect.

color block dresser.jpg

One of our favorite furniture projects you revitalized was a boy’s dresser. Tell us about your inspiration and design choices.  

I was very inspired by an unattainably expensive Scandanavian piece on 1stDibs, and recreated the vibe with an eBay find. This happens all the time :)  

Your projects range from vibrant neo traditional to luxe minimal.  How do you decide when to add and when to subtract? 

I think of it in terms of temperature - I like to cool down the old and warm up the new. To what degree depends on the client every time. They inspire me.

2017 Decorator Showcase interior design by Chloe Warner

Lastly, it was so much fun collaborating with you on San Francisco Decorator Showcase!  Tell us what inspired your dining room and your favorite pieces.  

Our collaboration on Decorator Showcase was such a thrill - it had to happen so quickly which meant there was no time for second guessing, which I love. Our main challenges were the scale of the dining room - it’s huge - and the oppressively dark wood everywhere. This meant we needed a dining table that wouldn’t feel dwarfed, and let me tell you that it’s not easy to get your paws on a huge chic dining table that is ready to go.  I found an amazing Gio Ponte table on Chairish but the scale was too small. It was so great to be able to work with Revitaliste to replace the original top with the perfect size table top for the room. A 10' top is perfect for that space, but we never could have found it "off the shelf.”  And the chairs - vintage Knoll - we lacquered and reupholstered in an Yves Klein blue - bring brightness and informality to a room that was so dark and formal, they are perfect.

dining room.jpg

Have a fun piece you'd like to transform? Get in touch for an estimate or design guidance. We make the revitalization process a snap!

Designer Spotlight: Benjamin Dhong Interiors

Benjamin Dhong Interiors San Francisco

For over a decade, Benjamin Dhong has been transforming homes in San Francisco (and further afield) into bespoke, memorable spaces. We're delighted to have revitalized fabulous finds with Ben. Read on for a peek at our most recent revitalization collaboration and insights into this effervescent designer's take on interior design.  

Your projects feature a lot of antiques and vintage. What's your secret to working them into a room with a different design style? 

I seek out objects which bring personality or drama to a room – something unexpected. I look for an unusual marriage of objects...where one brings out the best in the other. 

You are a true master of mixing more expensive pieces with catalogue-company finds – where would you advise clients to save and where to invest? 

Saving and splurging can occur anywhere. For example, in fashion mixing simple jeans with fabulous shoes and hand bag. The magic occurs in the proper pairing of high/low pieces. 

Restored antique chair and modern desk

Tell us a bit about this vintage table you recently revitalized? Where did you find it?

It was sort of love at first site...I mean, look at those sexy legs! In it's original condition it was a bit plain Jane but it clearly had big potential. We sourced it from Chairish

Vintage mid century modern coffee table before refinishing and lacquering

What was your inspiration behind the redesign of this vintage coffee table?

I really wanted to play up the great bones and make it more of an art piece. Juxtaposing the strong mid century lines of the piece with a more ethereal, gestural pattern was my goal. 

Tell us how you revitalized the piece.

Revitaliste took my design vision and executed on it. They lacquered the frame in a high gloss white to brighten and modernize it. Then they wrapped the top in "Nuvolette" wallpaper from Fornasetti and sealed it with a super durable high gloss clear coat so it could be as functional as it is beautiful. And to play up the legs, they fabricated these little jewel-like brass sabots (feet) made. Who doesn't love sexy shoes!?

White lacquer with Fornasetti Nuvotte wallpaper and brass
Coffee table refinished with white lacquer and Fornasetti wallpaper

Your “professional” design career began when you started interning for Martha Angus.  What did you do as an intern? What enthralled you and what surprised you?

Everything!! I sorted fabrics, moved marble samples, filed and re-filed tear sheets...oh that was tedious (but I did get to look at a lot of amazing furniture!). I was surprised to discover that I had an innate sense for interior design and a great eye for architecture...who woulda thunk?!

Before this career transition to design, how did you indulge your personal design interests?  

Prior to pursuing design as a full time career, all of my interior design experience was tangential...just sort of something I knew that I liked. I was influenced by my travels, reading art history books, absorbing great classic movies (I now realize I design cinematically). And my mom would drag me to lots of Catholic churches all around town...when I got bored, I would redesign the spaces or critique the priests vestments! LOL

How does your background in business inform your interior design business?  

It's indispensable! Creativity is only half the business; equally important is knowing how to run the business. And as I tell my clients...I speak "husband". All my spreadsheet and organization skills have been hugely beneficial in the design business – showing we understand budgets AND design helps instill a deeper level of trust with the client and ultimately allows us to take our work with them further!

Benjamin Dhong Interior Design San Francisco

What advice do you have for people who are looking to switch to a design career?  

Don’t go to school for design. Get your foot in the door with a design firm and work, work, work! In one month of hands-on design work you'll gain so much more than you'd learn in any school you'd get paid!

We LOVE project “English Gentleman” and “Cloud Walk” - both are so luxurious but executed in completely different styles and materials.  What are your favorite fabrics to layer and why?  

I love using linen as a base foundation fabric. Its woven texture tells a story of history – the hand of the artisan. It's not flashy, but it has soul. And because it's so humble, it's also a great foil for more luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet. I find that tension between humble and flashy to be exhilarating!

What are three neutral paint colors you love?

Revere pewter. Grants beige. Bleeker beige.

What about three favorite “color” colors (we know you don’t like 'Crayola colors’!) 

LOL Orange! The color of the orangeries at Versaille. It's full of energy but still stylish!

Yellow – it says HAPPY! It's great with blue for a young family kitchen.

Lavender. I used to dislike this color, but I've found how to use it properly. It's very chic, a little moody and you need to pair it with grey to keep it from being to sweet!

Benjamin Dhong Design San Francisco
Vintage chinoiserie console table lacquered white | Benjamin Dhong Design San Francisco
Antique daybed upholstered in slik upholstery fabric | Benjamin Dhong Design San Francisco
Side chairs reupholstered in green fabric | Benjamin Dhong Design San Francisco
Restored antique dresser | Benjamin Dhong Design San Francisco
Benjamin Dhong Interior Design San Francisco
Restored antique console table | Benjamin Dhong Design San Francisco
Benjamin Dhong Design San Francisco

Ready to test your hand at design? Revitaliste collaborates with you to ensure you adore your reimagined vintage or heirloom piece. Get in touch for a design consultation here. 

Revitaliste's 2017 Fabric Trends Featured on Viyet

We are honored that Viyet asked us to share our prediction for the hottest fabric trends in 2017 - there's nothing we like more than talking textiles! Check out our fabric trends forecast below. And read an interview with Revitaliste founder, Amy Frederickson, on Viyet's blog here

Zak & Fox Jin upholstery fabric
Kim Salmela Nadine upholstery fabric in fuschia
Pierre Frey Yucatan velvet upholstery fabric
Ethnic Hmong Miao embroidered upholstery fabric



Our world is more interconnected than ever - exposing us to the richness of far-flung and diverse cultures. Whether you’re an avid or an armchair traveler, the vibrant colors and patterns of ethnic textiles are undoubtedly enriching our homes. 




Our home is our sanctuary - a welcome respite from the 24/7 intensity of life. We love the soothing yet sophisticated look (and feel!) of richly textured upholstery fabrics in a neutral palette. A combo of nubby, fuzzy, silky fabrics creates an inviting, cocoon-like interior. 

Place Textiles Mount Stuart upholstery fabric in dover color
Holly Hunt Surface Appeal upholstery fabric in sienna color
Holland and Sherry Sheer Wool upholstery fabric in viceroy
Rosemary Hallgarten Mohair Ripple upholstery fabric
Designers Guild Linnaeus upholstery fabric in moss cutting color
Designers Guild Soft Manaos upholstery fabric in onyx color
Designers Guild Christian Lacroix Soft Jardin Exo'chic upholstery velvet in rainette color
Schumacher Featherfest upholstery fabric



Green is said to elicit feelings of hopefulness - the perfect state of mind to kick off a new year. With Pantone announcing “greenery” as the 2017 color of the year, we expect to see a lot more green in interiors. We are particularly fond of fresh green botanical prints. Whether lush or sparse, these leafy patterns blend well with any decor style.




While velvet is clearly having a moment in fashion, it has been a long standing staple in the world of interiors. For a twist on this classic textile, we’re crushing on (pun intended) velvets with subtle patterns and color variations. They feel more modern and moody and memorable than their plain vanilla cousin.

Designers Guild Emerson upholstery velvet in turquoise color
Designers Guild Aurelia upholstery fabric in graphite color
Holly Hunt Amazed upholstery velvet in bronze patina color
Clarence House Borghese upholstery velvet

Revitaliste is passionate about fabrics. And helping clients find the perfect fabric for their revitalization project is our mission. Try our Design Consultation here to kick off the new year with a newly revitalized piece of furniture!

The Dirty Dozen Vol. 2

Diamond-in-the-Rough Round Up

It's no secret that the team here at Revitaliste has an addiction to trolling Craigslist. The daily treasures that can be found never ceases to amaze (and tempt) us. Here are a dozen of our favorite finds from our most recent comb through Craigslist San Francisco along with our take on one (of infinite) way to revitalize each diamond in the rough.    

1960s Tubular Sling Chairs

  • Totally tubular, dude. 
  • Revitalize sling seats with unique leather like this pink Pavoni croc-embossed leather. 
  • Craigslist SF - $395
1960s Tubular Sling Chairs ready to reupholster
Adrian Pearsall lounge chairs perfect for reupholstery

Adrian Pearsall Club Chairs

  • Truly timeless investment pieces. These club chairs work with any decor.
  • Upholster in an unexpected modern graphic print like Schumacher's Queen of Spain.
  • Craigslist SF - $950 

1950s Wood-framed Sofa

  • Boring beige begging for some excitement. 
  • Upholster in a vibrant color with subtle print like Duralee's faux bois pattern in citron. Modernize the frame with a clean white lacquer.
  • Craigslist SF - $250
1950s style sofa, great candidate for lacquering and reupholstery
Tufted Faux Leather Armchairs, ready to be reupholstered

Tufted Faux Leather Armchairs

  • When naugahyde was a "thing" 
  • Lighten up the look with a nubby neutral colored fabric and remove the tufting.
  • Craigslist SF - $200

Hollywood Regency Style Dresser

  • Dorothy Draper would definitely approve of these lines.
  • Lacquer in a cool, inviting color and swap out the heavy hardware with lucite and nickel drawer pulls.
  • Craigslist SF - $200
Hollywood regency dresser, perfect candidate for lacquer and new drawer pulls
Vintage Industrial drafting stools, ready to be refinished with lacquer

Vintage Drafting Stools

  • Industrial chic...and functional!
  • Powder coat metal bases navy and lacquer seats bright white - perfect in a modern kitchen
  • Craigslist SF - $500

Classic Clean Line Sofa

  • 1970s flower power looking for a millennial makeover. Super clean lines make this a timeless piece.
  • Update with a fresh botanical print like Rebecca Atwood's Floral Medallion.
  • Craigslist SF - $395
Classic Clean Line Sofa, great reupholstery project
Chrome Cantilevered Chairs, ready to reupholster

Chrome Cantilevered Chairs

  • Plain vanilla with huge potential. 
  • Turn up the glam by upholstering in patent leather like this billiard green faux croc vinyl. 
  • Craigslist SF - $300
Mid century modern two tier side tables, lacquer and wrap in grass cloth

Mid Century Modern Tiered Side Tables

  • Pedestrian.
  • Fast track to sophistication - wrap table tops and drawer fronts in tweed-like grasscloth, lacquer in matte gray
  • Craigslist SF - $300

Tufted vintage Love Seat

  • Lumpy and slumpy but nothing a quick nip and tuck can't remedy.
  • Reupholster in a youthful print like Kravet's Leokat. Remove tufting and back channel for a cleaner look.
  • Craigslist SF - $150
Tufted vintage love seat, great reupholstery project
Rattan dining set, refinish with lacquer and reupholster with patent leather vinyl

Rattan Dining Set

  • Tired tikki lounge today - St. Barts bistro tomorrow
  • Lacquer rattan table crisp white and chairs glossy black. Reupholster seat cushions in white patent leather with black welt.
  • Craigslist SF - wait for it...$99 for the set

Vintage Metal Bedframe

  • Indestructible...they just don't make 'em like this anymore.
  • Powder coat in a peppy, glossy color like grassy green.
  • Craigslist SF - $100
Vintage metal twin bed frame ready to be powder coated in bright color

Whether it's one of these fabulous Craigslist finds or a piece you already own, furniture revitalization is a snap with Revitaliste. We organize pick-up/delivery, provide design guidance and help you procure your favorite fabric - and you never even need to leave your home! Request an estimate here or get design guidance here

Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Cooper

photo credit: guillermo gusils leon

photo credit: guillermo gusils leon

Meet Elizabeth Cooper, bi-coastal interior designer (, art aficionado and prolific furniture revitaleur. We've collaborated with Elizabeth on numerous projects and admire her fresh, sophisticated style. Read on to learn about this designer's thoughtful approach to interiors, furniture revitalization and some of our recent collaborations.

You started your design career as an art advisor. What have you brought into your interior design work from your time as an art advisor?

Art really completes and personalizes a home in a very different way than furnishings - there is not the same need to heed to functionality or practicality, it’s a purely creative acquisition. I love collaborating with clients to build a cohesive collection over time - whether it’s photography, abstract painting, landscapes or art acquired on their travels, we work together to thoughtfully blend art into their home. 

How would you sum up your design style? 

My style as an interior designer is not fixed, rather the spaces I design are reflections of the people who live there. My goal is to create inviting and unique spaces. That being said, I always incorporate comfortable seating along with several one-of-a-kind pieces to add an extra element of character and richness. As for my personal style, I’d describe it as a combination of classic East Coast Coastal and California/British Bohemian. 

Virginina Rollins/lonny

Virginina Rollins/lonny

What do you take into consideration when deciding to revitalize a client’s existing pieces versus buying new? 

Incorporating repurposed pieces into my designs has always been a focus. There are so many reasons to work revitalized pieces into a room - sentimental connection, personal stories, character, uniqueness, ecological/environmental benefits, the list goes on. When considering revitalization for a client’s existing furnishings, I assess how well the piece physically fits into the space, the quality of the piece, and most importantly, the personal significance of the piece to the client. When sourcing vintage or antique furniture for clients, I’m drawn to beautiful wood finishes and pieces that have solid, well-constructed frames with unique lines or interesting details. And I definitely avoid pieces that are ubiquitous or “on trend” in terms of style.

Photo credit: guillermo gusils leon

Photo credit: guillermo gusils leon

When working with a client who has never had a piece revitalized, do you face hurdles getting them on board? 

No, not really. Most clients appreciate the value of repurposing and revitalizing existing pieces and enjoy the process of transformation that occurs when a piece they've owned for years suddenly looks completely different and amazing!

Do you have a favorite era or furniture designer? What draws you to this particular style/designer? 

Charlotte Perriand is a furniture designer I admire – her designs are organic, warm and timeless. She was an incredibly accomplished and respected woman in furniture design at a time when men dominated the field. She took a holistic view of design, believing in the importance of creating something each day whether it was a drawing, a piece of furniture, a garden, or simply a thoughtfully prepared meal. 

photo credit: Guillermo Gusils leon

photo credit: Guillermo Gusils leon

Any advice for people who would like to revitalize a piece and are not working with a designer?

If you have a connection to a piece - whether it’s a family heirloom or simply a piece with a great personal story - it is worthwhile to revitalize it. Don’t be afraid to transform the piece; you’re honoring its history by using it in your home so pick a fabric or a finish that is a reflection of your personal style. Get inspiration on Revitaliste, Pinterest and shelter magazines…and then trust your design “gut”. And of course Revitaliste is an amazing resource to help guide you to design a piece that is uniquely yours. 

Have a sentimental attachment to furniture that needs revitalizing? Try our design consultation service here


A few more beautifully revitalized pieces by Elizabeth Cooper Interior Design. 

brass frame bench upholstered in peter dunham peterazzi fabric
reupholstered antique chair in raoul textiles pondicherry fabric wth restored antique dresser
virginia rollins/lonny

virginia rollins/lonny


Fabric Crush: St. Frank

Vintage chair upholstered in St Frank mud cloth fabric

It's no secret that we're fanatical about fabric here at Revitaliste. Ranking high on our favorite's list are the vibrant patterns and rich colors of traditional textiles from around the world. St. Frank, well known for their gorgeous framed textile art, has designed a global capsule collection of fabric-by-the-yard influenced by West African mud cloth, Central African Kuba cloth, Tibetan sherma, Uzbeki suzani and Mesoamerican huipil embroidery along with fresh designs on indigo dyed fabrics. 

We've collaborated with St. Frank on numerous projects to bring their bold fabric collection to life on antique/vintage and new furnishings (read details of one project here). Mud Cloth on Japanese moon chairs, Indigo Vines on a Louis XVI settee, Tibetan Pangden on Danish mid century club chairs – these timeless textile patterns can work on any furniture style and era - it's multiculturalism at its best! 

We spoke with St. Frank founder, Christina Bryant, to learn more about the inspiration behind the collection. 

mud cloth - black

mud cloth - black

mud cloth - charcoal

mud cloth - charcoal

mud cloth - ecru

mud cloth - ecru

Why did you decide to launch a fabric-by-the-yard collection?

We wanted to make our fabrics accessible to collectors in customizable form. Fabric by the yard is a way to bring St. Frank to new surfaces to transform a space, whether you’re wrapping your walls or refinishing a favorite furniture piece.

uzbeki lakai suzani

uzbeki lakai suzani

tibetan pangden

tibetan pangden


How would you describe the look and feel of the collection?

We describe our aesthetic as bohemian luxury and I believe the fabric and wallpaper reflect this. Our brand is rooted in traditional crafts from cultures around the world. The line is inspired by the most iconic St. Frank prints that range from delicate floral suzani embroidery to rough, rustic kuba cloth.

Indigo beads

Indigo beads

indigo arrows - midnight

indigo arrows - midnight

washed indigo

washed indigo

indigo arrows - stone blue

indigo arrows - stone blue

indigo vines

indigo vines

indigo dots

indigo dots

Can you tell me more about how these textiles are designed and produced?

Our fabrics by the yard are close replicas and interpretations of both our contemporary and vintage textile lines. We start with a section of the handmade textile that we find particularly strong, create an archival image, and then edit the repeat, scale and color-way until we get to the final concept.

How did you arrive at the color palette?

The St. Frank home is grounded in black, blue, and white with pops of color from pink to yellow. This is consistent throughout our category expansion, including yardage.

pink diamond huipil

pink diamond huipil

kuba cloth - amber

kuba cloth - amber

forest huipil

forest huipil

kuba cloth - coffee

kuba cloth - coffee


Do you have favorites? Which ones and why?

My current favorite fabric by the yard is our Kuba Cloth. I think it combines modern and rustic elements. I’m using this to recover my desk chair at the moment.

After your experience collaborating with Revitaliste on various revitalization projects, do you have any advice for customers who are interested in revitalizing a piece of their own?

Revitalizing a piece of furniture is one of the best ways to update a space. While the process can be intimidating, it an extraordinary way to make over an old favorite or completely change a dud into a stud. With Revitaliste’s help, the work to redo a favorite piece is SO easy!

Interested in revitalizing a piece with a St. Frank fabric? Get in touch for a quote or a design consultation - we're ready to help. 

How This Family Heirloom Became a Contemporary Treasure

Guest post from our friends at Laurel & Wolf - the online professional interior design marketplace that makes it easy, affordable and fun to create your perfect space.

all photos by dustin walker

all photos by dustin walker

We’ve all inherited family heirlooms that don’t quite fit with our tastes. But how can you get rid of your great grandfather’s grandfather clock or a 19th-century sofa that traveled across the ocean with your ancestors? Giving up a piece of furniture with family history is basically taboo, but it’s hard to live with something you don’t love, even if it has sentimental value.

Enter Revitaliste. The hot new startup helps people transform their old furniture. Whether your hand-me-down needs to be refinished or restored, painted or reupholstered, Revitaliste works with a network of professional artisans to make the process simple. Laurel & Wolf Director of Partnerships Julie Geer called on them to transform her grandma’s Louis XV-style armchair.

Antique chair before reupholstery

“As my grandma grew into her 90s and we moved her into an assisted living community, she naturally wasn’t able to bring all of her furniture with her. To me, this chair was so beautiful,” Julie says. “Despite the fabric not being my particular taste, it seemed such a shame to not find a place for it. I intended to reupholster it for years, and just never got around to it.”

With its strong shape and intricate detailing, the chair was an amazing piece to have at home, but the original upholstery felt dated. By working with Amy from Revitaliste, reupholstering the old chair didn’t feel like such a chore. “Amy was a pro, had great creative ideas and feedback, and was patient with my slow decision-making,” Julie remarks.

before and after upholstery project with laurel & wolf and revitaliste

The main challenge? Julie wanted to update the chair’s style while maintaining its vintage charm, which felt linked to memories of her grandmother’s elegant home and taste.

“I have vivid memories of the places my grandmother lived growing up. She was always a very put together woman — her nails were always painted and she’d have on earrings and a necklace. Her homes were no different, accessorized with pieces she’d picked up throughout her worldly travels.

reupholstered antique chair in holly hunt palm upholstery fabric

Not one to shy away from mixing patterns and styles, Julie’s chosen fabric — a tropical philodendron leaf print — reflects a number of things. Despite its trendiness in decor today, the pattern is a classic nod to the sophisticated glamour of the Beverly Hills Hotel and of her grandmother’s own style. As an LA transplant originally from NYC, Julie also wanted the chair to reflect certain parts of her own life.

“There’s something so LA about the big tropical leaf print that feels very West Coast to me. It’s like a perfect combination of the memories of my grandmother and my life right now.”

The bold fabric may not be the choice everyone would make in conserving the original charm of the piece, but for Julie, it was the ideal mix of contemporary style and sentimental value.

before and after upholstery project with laurel & wolf and revitaliste

“I think there’s something kind of regal about the chair, and I feel that way about my grandmother,” Julie says. “She would wear these winter coats with big fur collars and was just such a classy lady. To me it’s like the big back of this chair mirrors this big fur collar that would envelope her!”

The chair’s vintage silhouette combined with a bit of Cali-chic flair mixes both generations’ tastes and allows Julie to hold on to a piece of her family history.

“It’s a fantastic way to have a part my grandma in my home. I wear a lot of my grandmother’s jewelry and have some of her art, and this is just another piece of her that I get to have with me.”

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