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Wood Refinishing & Restoration

service overview - what is furniture restoration and refinishing?

Revitaliste’s furniture restoration and refinishing services bring out the beauty of your wood furniture.

Wood restoration is a clean up or refresh. The color of the wood is not altered with restoration. We recommend this service when the piece of furniture has the look desired, but needs some TLC. Restoration addresses light scratches, surface stains, and imperfections in the clear coat or wax. Restoration typically includes a light sanding and a fresh protection layer of oil, wax, lacquer or other clear coat.

Wood refinishing takes the revitalization process a step further. Refinishing means the piece will be stripped to remove the old finish or stain to start anew. Refinishing addresses damage such as chipped veneer, water damage, deep scratches and dings and is also the method to alter the look of the piece. With furniture refinishing we can achieve a number of results that can be grouped into three categories: sheen, color, and protection. Changing the sheen of a piece of furniture means going from a high gloss to a satin, or vice versa. When it comes to color, the options range from reviving the original color that may have turned yellow or orange with age. Color refinishing can also include applying a new darker stain, or a lighter one. It’s important to note when going lighter, there may be a bleaching process required which is not recommended for all wood types, especially mahogany. Finally, the choices for protection, or sealer, range from a sprayed clear coat, also known as lacquer to furniture oil and furniture wax. (Furniture wax is the most common protection layer used for mid-century furniture.)

Our Approach to Wood Restoration and Refinishing Services

Revitaliste approaches wood restoration and refinishing projects with care and attention to the wood’s character. Age, condition, species, grain, and existing finish all impact how wood will accept a new finish and the end result. The same stain will look very different based on these factors. Each wood refinishing project includes testing the chosen stain on a small sample of your furniture to determine if the desired result can be achieved.

We always check the structural integrity of each piece and recommended any needed repairs so your favorite furniture lasts a lifetime.