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Upholstery Services

service overview - what is furniture upholstery?

Revitaliste’s furniture upholstery services range in complexity from a straightforward fabric change to rebuilding the frame and everything in between.

A simple fabric change, perhaps with an exciting patterned boutique textile discovered in our Textile Library, is an affordable way to instantly modernize and freshen your favorite furniture. Updating the detailing on a piece, such as removing skirts and decorative pleating and replacing chunky welts with sleek welts, makes a big impact on the final result of your upholstered furniture.

While a textile change, modernizing detail elements, and replacing or adding fill are the most common services our projects require, our skilled artisans are capable of intricate and complex upholstery work from frame repair and beyond.

Our Approach to Upholstery Services

Revitaliste approaches reupholstery projects with an eye for detail and key questions. Fabric selection isn’t just about pretty looks, it’s vital to consider whether the fabric is appropriate for the lines of the piece and its intended use. For example, a sofa with soft lines and down fill needs a textile that will flex, while a very structured bench with a straight box edge and welting will benefit from a fabric that will hold its shape over time.

As they say, the devil is in the details, and this could not be more true when it comes to furniture revitalization and upholstery. We believe in never leaving a detail to chance, so our projects team ensures all elements are considered and are happy to make recommendations to ensure the finished product is perfectly suited to you and your vision. What’s inside counts! Each piece is carefully inspected to ensure the innards will last as long as the new exterior. Fill will be replaced or augmented as needed to achieve the desired final result in firmness or plushness. We also check the structural integrity of the frame of each piece and recommended any required repairs so your favorite furniture lasts a lifetime.