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Powder Coating

Powder Coating Services Overview - what is furniture powder coating?

Revitaliste offers powder coating as a specialized service for metal furniture. It is not suitable for wood or other materials. The process of powder coating means the piece is coated in a dry powder in the selected color and sheen and then baked, or cured, under high heat. This process produces a very strong and durable finish that protects the piece from rust when used outdoors.

Our Approach to Furniture Powder Coating Services

Revitaliste’s powder coating services begin with selecting the color and sheen. Powder coating offers a wide range of color options, and we are able to customize the sheen, from matte to high gloss. Once the design direction is set, the piece is prepared to receive the finish by sand-blasting off the old finish. Preparing the surface is of the utmost importance to achieve the lasting, durable, and smooth finish that powder coating offers so your favorite furniture will last for years to come.