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Metal Plating

metal plating Services Overview - what is furniture metal plating?

Revitaliste’s metal plating services refer to the process of depositing metal on a conductive surface to change the color and improve corrosion inhibition, durability, and strength.

Our Approach to Furniture metal plating Services

At Revitaliste, we typically use metal plating to revitalize hardware on a piece of furniture as part of another revitalization project. For example, a credenza receiving a makeover with fresh lacquer may also require metal plating to change its hardware from silver to gold, or to re-plate a worn brass pull to return its original glory. Full tables, such as a classic Mastercraft brass dining table, may be re-plated to refresh or change the finish.

Once the design direction is set, the piece is prepared to receive the finish. Preparing the surface is of the utmost importance to achieve the lasting, durable finish that metal plating offers so your favorite furniture will last for years to come.