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Furniture Lacquering & Painting

Service Overview - what is furniture painting and lacquering?

Revitaliste’s furniture lacquering and painting services create a smooth opaque finish in any color and sheen on wood and metal furniture. Paint and lacquer is applied with a spray gun to create the signature smooth finish. (For specialty finishes, a brush application may be required.) To achieve the smoothest, sleekest finish on a wood surface, our artisans apply a grain filler to prepare the wood to accept the finish. If the natural texture of the wood is desired, the filler step can be skipped. The color options are endless with painting and lacquering. We are able to color match any hue desired. Selecting the sheen, from matte to high gloss, is the final design decision for painting and lacquering revitalization.

Our Approach to Furniture Painting and Lacquering Services

Revitaliste approaches furniture painting and lacquering projects with care and attention to detail. The first vital step is creating a clean slate for application by properly and completely removing the old finish. If the furniture’s surface is not properly prepared for lacquer or paint, the finish will not adhere properly. Our artisans also need to understand the end use of the furniture to determine the best paint product to use in order to ensure a perfect result.

We always check the structural integrity of each piece and recommended any needed repairs so your favorite furniture lasts a lifetime.