The Find: Everything But The House


Estate sale shopping is not for the fainthearted. Dedicated estate-sale shoppers have serious vintage street cred in our book–waking before dawn, queuing for hours, and making split-second decisions on no-room-for-second-guessing purchases. But this cutthroat shopping experience has left many of us on the sidelines… until recently. Enter Everything But The House (EBTH), an online estate sale marketplace that takes all that is amazing and eliminates all that is unsavory about finding treasures at estate sales. Read on to learn why we’re seriously hooked on this site. 


In the world of vintage and antique furniture, there is no such thing as a fly-over state. The midwest and smaller towns throughout the US are chockfull of exquisite, collectible pieces. Before EBTH, it was impossible for non-locals to know about these estate sales, let alone access the sale. EBTH has brought the whole estate sale experience online, making it accessible to anyone with a browser and credit card. Dangerous, right?!


Sharp elbows and lightening speed are no longer requisite to score the “good stuff” at estate sales. Now you can bid from the comfort of your sofa! EBTH’s online auction model is a win-win for both buyer and seller. Sellers receive the highest price (not simply the listed price) and the most motivated (not most aggressive) buyer wins. 



Whether leisurely browsing or pointedly searching, the EBTH site is as intuitive as can be. Detailed information of each piece—photos, measurements, condition, and in some cases, a history—helps the buyer know what they’re bidding on. No more back-and-forth negotiating on price: simply enter your minimum and maximum price and let the EBTH do the bidding for you. By entering your zip code, shipping costs are automatically generated. And if you win the auction, shipping is seamlessly integrated into the buying process.

Vintage Furniture Shopping | Everything But The House


Part of what makes EBTH so addictive is the lure of incredible bargains. A Danish modern credenza for $100. A Persian rug for $40. A Milo Baughman–style cabinet for $26. EBTH is an auction site, so depending on interest, prices can rise. But in general, pieces are a far cry less expensive than anything you’d find at your local antiques dealer.


Perhaps the #1 reason why we love Everything But the House is because it gives quality furniture a second life. Whether it’s a Victorian sofa or a midcentury modern side table, the goods on EBTH are going to people who really want them. The site takes beloved and cherished pieces—furniture that’s meant to be used for more than one lifetime—and finds them a home where they are given a whole new chapter. It’s a curated collection of pieces that are meant to live on.


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