10 Vibrant Green Fabrics for Spring

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At first, spring arrives quietly: crisp air is made increasingly more tolerable by the warm sunshine, and bulbs begin to push up through the hibernating earth. And then one day, the season seems to hit us all at once in the form of one of our favorite colors: verdant green.

To celebrate spring’s very welcomed arrival, we’ve curated our favorite green upholstery fabrics for the season. From subtle pastel hues to vibrant, head-turning pops, these shades of green will undoubtedly lift your spirits on those greyer days and remind you of spring’s return all year round. See our top 10 picks below, and browse our entire curated collection of spring greens in the Revitaliste fabric library here.


A kaleidoscopic, bold design, Sunburst in Emerald green colorway is a modern update on a retro pattern. Reminiscent of the Summer of Love, this fun pattern is surprisingly versatile and could work in a maximalist interior to a mid-century modern laden space.

‘Palm’ in Artichoke Colorway by Hable Construction.jpg

‘Palermo’ in Apple green is a subtler dose of color, and well-suited to mix with neutrals. With a hand-drawn pattern, this pretty cotton fabric has a touch of whimsy while still feeling crisp and clean.


This dreamy pattern originated with an India ink marbled paper created by Rebecca Atwood using the mesmerizing ‘suminagashi’ technique. The stripe-like marbled swirls in Lagoon colorway feels both refreshing and calming.


Arley House is known for its intricate, archival-inspired prints, and ‘Paradise’ is no exception. Paradise, in a lush moss colorway, is based on a chintz design originating from around 1830, and features birds-of-paradise with an array of other flora and fauna.

‘New Town Stone Plaid’ by Ronda Carmen.jpg

Hable Construction is a master of creating geometric, painterly patterns, and Fluidity in Lagoon colorway is one of our favorites. With varying shades of green, from nautical green to deep forest, this pattern can be paired with both cool and warm toned finishes.


The perfect shade of true kelly green printed on crisp white, ‘Floral Plate’ is sure to liven up any space. We adore the hand drawn botanicals of this pattern, and would love to see this modern design on any piece, from an antique settee to a vintage club chair.


Inspired by a vintage textile sourced from Uzbekistan, St. Frank’s ‘Pomegranate Suzani’ in aqua was created with an incredibly intricate and traditional process involving embroidery, separating the pieces of fabric, and stitching them back together. The resulting pattern is a mesmerizing, unique display of craftsmanship. The beautiful seafoam color feels chic and rejuvenating.


‘Trapezoid’ in Day colorway is a pastel green, geometric pattern reminiscent of a watercolor wash. The sharp lines of this design are offset by the dreamy color grade, which shifts ever so slightly in tone throughout the yardage.


Soft sage green printed on white, ‘Tree of Life’ in Ice colorway is a fantastical, swirling take on traditional toile. Tree rings are overlaid on delicate florals, and the result is a mesmerizing pattern using both positive and negative space.


Australia-based designer Diane Bergeron creates beautiful fabrics, often in traditional prints with a modern twist. ‘Lexington’ in Moss colorway is a highly versatile geometric pattern on a lovely cream background.

See all of our spring greens fabric picks in the Revitaliste fabric library here. Inspired by our spring greens fabric picks? Revitaliste provides personal Design Guidance for our projects, and we'll help you find the perfect fabric for your furniture - get started by getting a quote.

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