5 Budget-Savvy Revitalization Ideas


Craving a decor refresh in the new year but the effects of your generous holiday spirit are hitting home (and the bank)? We’ve got you covered. Here are five affordable and impactful ways to revitalize pieces you already own, adding instant chic to any room.

1. (Custom) Pillow Power

Budget-friendly decor refresh idea: custom pillows from Revitaliste

If your neutral colored sofa is making your room feel neutered, throw a pillow (or ten!) on it. Nothing more instantly and effortlessly refreshes a sofa or arm chair than a smattering of decorative pillows. Create a bespoke (and budget-friendly) look by mixing store-bought and custom-made pillows. The sky is the limit with custom pillows–bold fabrics, varied shapes and sizes and funky trims are our go-to design details.  

Bold Fabrics

Revitaliste custom pillows in bold fabrics

Tassel Trim

Revitaliste custom pillows with tassel trim

Decorative Zippers

Revitaliste custom pillows with decorative zippers

Ribbon Trim

Revitaliste custom pillows with ribbon trim / tape trim

Non-Square Shapes

Revitaliste custom pillows in varied shapes and sizes

PomPom Trim

Revitaliste custom pillows with pompom trim

Contrast Welt (Piping)

Revitaliste custom pillows with contrast welt / piping

Fringe Trim

Revitaliste custom pillows with fringe trim

 2. Hardware Upgrade

Budget-friendly decor refresh idea: Upgrade drawer hardware Revitaliste

If you're like us, upgrading your drawer hardware seems WAY easier than upgrading your tech hardware. The world of drawer knobs and pulls is vast...as is the transformative power these little "furniture accessories" have on even the most tired-looking dresser or desk. Here's a mini roundup of some of our favorite drawer hardware styles. 

Cut Stone & Gem Drawer Pulls

Revitaliste | Upgrade drawer hardware with cut stone and gem drawer pulls

Natural Element Drawer Pulls

Revitaliste | Upgrade drawer hardware with leather, horn, stone or unique wood pulls

Modern Metal Drawer Pulls

Revitaliste | Upgrade drawer hardware with modern metal drawer pulls

Whimsical Drawer Pulls

Revitaliste | Upgrade drawer hardware with whimsical drawer knobs

3. Prize Inside

Revitaliste fabric lined shelves

Our days of cereal consumption may be over but that doesn't mean we can't find a prize inside other types of boxes...like a favorite credenza or nightstand! To totally customize a case piece, line the drawers and shelves with a unique fabric or wallpaper. There's something deeply gratifying about opening up a drawer and being greeted by a pretty pattern.

Revitaliste wallpaper lined shelves and wallpapered cabinets
Revitaliste wallpaper lined drawers

4. Fairest Of Them All

Revitaliste lacquered mirror frames

Rather than gazing IN the mirror, this quick decor refresh will have you (and everyone else) staring AT the mirror. Spice up a bare wall or entryway with a freshly lacquered mirror frame. And an added benefit of zhooshing up your mirror...everyone looks more glamours when framed in glossy lacquer! 

Revitaliste lacquered mirror frames - dusty pink
Revitaliste glossy lacquered mirror frames
Revitaliste lacquered mirror frames - lavendar
Revitaliste lacquered mirror frames - bubble gum pink

5. Shade-y Business

Revitaliste custom lampshades

A unique lamp can light up a room in more ways than one. We all know unique lamp bases score big style points. But the often overlooked and under-appreciated lampshade has serious showstopper potential (and frequently for a much lower price point than the base). We love wrapping simple (hum)drum shades in vibrant fabrics and wallpapers for a truly one-of-a-kind fixture.

Revitaliste custom lampshades wrapped in various fabrics or wallpapers

Ready for a New Year decor refresh? Revitaliste's simple, seamless service offering covers all these budget-friendly revitalization ideas: custom pillows, drawer liners and lampshades, mirror frame lacquering, and drawer pull upgrades. Plus, our design services ensure you'll be thrilled with the final product. Get in touch for a quote or design guidance.   


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