A Beloved Sofa Refresh with Caitlin Flemming x Perennials


Collaborating with Caitlin Flemming, interior designer, stylist, and creator of the lifestyle and design blog, Sacramento Street, has been a dreamy merging of creative spirits each time we’ve come together. We’ve been proud to serve as a revitalization resource for many of Caitlin’s wonderful projects, so when we starting discussing a beloved sofa in her very own home that was calling for a refresh, we all knew it was meant to be. We also knew Perennials was the ideal partner for luxe, resilient fabric befitting Caitlin’s signature clean, crisp, layered style. Never fear a white linen sofa when Perennials is part of the equation — they have crafted beautiful fabrics that stand up to real life.

BEFORE: Ready for a Refresh


Revitalized in 1 Simple Step:

Sometimes all it takes is an outfit change. Perennials’ Rough n Rowdy was the perfect choice for a family sofa, or anyone who loves white and doesn’t want to live in fear of red wine.

Here’s what we did:

  • Reupholstered in Perennials’ Rough n Rowdy, blanca color way


AFTER: Fearless Family-Friendly White Upholstery




We chatted with Caitlin to learn more about her revitalization decisions and experience.

Tell us the sofa’s backstory...

CF: We’ve had the sofa about seven years but nearly five of those years we had kiddos and that is a completely new ballgame for how you decorate the house. They are pretty good, but dirty hands often end up on the furniture. It was time to get it reupholstering and I turned to Revitaliste.

Why did you decide to revitalize?

CF: I chose to revitalize because I always believe we should buy pieces to last rather than replacing them all of the time. I don’t want to have a sofa in landfill when all it takes is a reupholstering. The bones of the sofa were in great shape.

Why did you select Perennials?

CF: Frequently, my clients want fabrics that can withstand a life filled with children, dogs, spilled wine, etc. Perennials fabrics have so many choices that are a dream come true for those who want a fabric easy to clean. Their fabrics don’t look like stain-resistant fabric which makes them even better. For instance, the Rough n Rowdy fabric I used on my sofa looks like a white linen. We’ve used it in the past for clients and all of them adore it - as do I!

White can be intimidating…

CF: I wondered if I had made a huge mistake myself when my daughter put her hands on it with dirt and blueberries! Luckily, it easily came out.

post-revitalization accident

post-revitalization accident

Perennials’ fabric, stain averted

Perennials’ fabric, stain averted


What was it like working with Revitaliste?

CF: Working with Revitaliste has been a dream. I use them often for my clients pieces and knew it was the company to turn to. They make the process so easy and take care of every detail. I couldn’t believe the quality of work. The sofa looks better than ever!

Thank you to Caitlin Flemming, Sacramento Street, and Perennials for their partnership on this revitalization.

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all photos by Andrea Posadas