Lonny Magazine Features Revitaliste Top Tips


How To Modernize Inherited Furniture

We were thrilled when Lonny Magazine asked us to share our top tips for how to modernize inherited furniture. There is nothing we like more than re-envisioning a well-made, sentimental (if dated) piece as a covetable one-of-a-kind treasure.

See all 15 tips to modernize your inherited pieces here. 


Go Graphic

Reupholster a chair with a modern graphic pattern that will turn heads.


Leg Lift

Switch out the base legs of an upholstered piece for a completely new look.


Fresh Surface

Lay down leather or skins (faux is fine too!) to make a worn tabletop totally fresh.

Do you have an inherited piece you can't bear to part with but also can't imagine working with your home decor? We'd be delighted to help you transform this piece! Get design guidance from our team of seasoned revitaleurs - it's quick and easy! And we're confident you'll be thrilled with the end product.