25 Best White Stain-Resistant Upholstery Fabrics


Have you ever found yourself mildly envious (or perhaps secretly suspicious) of people with pristinely white upholstered furniture in their homes? What is the secret to keeping it looking crisp and clean? Never use it? Deprive oneself of life’s great pleasures (coffee, red wine, chocolate)? Feed children only starchy white food and ban artistic expression? 

Until recently, these draconian measures were indeed the only way to ensure that white fabric stayed white. But thanks to technology advances in the textile industry, white fabrics are now completely family-friendly AND worthy of appearing inside the home. Indoor/outdoor fabrics now convincingly mimic everything from linen to bouclé to textured wools.

We LOVE the broad array of texturally interesting white, ivory and cream stain-resistant fabrics available today. We've curated our top 25 selections. And we've given each one a test drive to ensure they are truly family-friendly. The results did not disappoint – even with these tough stains.

            ADULT STAINS


Best white stain-resistant upholstery fabric
Best white stain resistant upholstery fabric

We let each stain sit on the fabric for 5 minutes before we attempted to clean it. The results are amazing across the board. Liquids simply beaded on the fabric surface. The marker required a bit more effort – unscented baby wipes, warm soapy water, or a quick spritz with a stain remover did the trick to fully remove the stain. Amazing!! 

Our 25 Favorite Textured Whites

Perennials is our go-to for family AND budget friendly white textural upholstery fabrics. 

Perennials "Fairhaven" in Sea Salt

Perennials "In The Loop" in Sea Salt

Perennials "Plushy" Velvet in Blanca

Perennials "Fairhaven" in Sand

Perennials "Old Hand" in Blanca

Perennials "Wild & Wooly" in Sea Salt


Holly Hunt's indoor/outdoor line, Great Outdoors, has a vast selection of neutral, textured fabrics (all 100% solution dyed acrylic) in a range of price points. These are our favorites...

Holly Hunt "Cuba Libre" in Azúcar

Holly Hunt "Breathe Easy" in Cloud

Holly Hunt "First Tracks" in Fresh Powder

Holly Hunt "Lionheart" in Ivory

Holly Hunt "Unchained" in Daybreak

Holly Hunt "Bali Grass" in Conch


Several other brands have nailed the balance between family-friendly and super stylish textural white stain-resistant upholstery fabrics – Holland & Sherry, Jim Thompson, Chella, Décor de Paris and Stark/Old World Weavers. 

Holland & Sherry "Hanover Square" in Bone

Holland & Sherry "Gracie Point" in Opulence

Jim Thompson "Tunis" in Pearl

Jim Thompson "Lalla" in Pearl

Holland & Sherry "Pampas" in Clara

Holland & Sherry "Poncho" in Blanco

Jim Thompson "Palm Plain" in Rice Paper

Jim Thompson "Chinese Checkers" in Rice Paper

Décor de Paris "Ice Cube" in Stark White

Décor de Paris "Melange" in Stark White

Chella "Gondola" in Alabaster

Stark / Old World Weavers "Crestmoor" in Pearl

Chella "Montecatini" in Alabaster

Stark / Old World Weavers "Cortez Point" in Sky


Need some inspiration? Check out these fresh white upholstered pieces – crisp white works on any style furniture and with any decor style.

Upholstered white day bed
Upholstered antique settee
Upholstered vintage chairs
Upholstered serpentine sofa
Upholstered white sofa
Antique settee upholstered in white fabric
Club chair upholstered in white fabric with black piping
Upholstered vintage club chairs

Interested in freshening up an upholstered piece in your home with a family-friendly white fabric? We're ready to help you find the perfect fabric for your project. Get a quote here or try our design guidance service here


Image credits: Christine Dovey, Sukio, Honestly WTF, Vintage club chair, DesignMag.fr,  Pierre Yovanovitch, This Is Glamorous

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